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─ Channel: Artplan - Vale

Redescobrindo o Equilíbrio

Artplan sought out Maria TV with the challenge of producing 6 mini documentaries for You Tube on social networks, showing 6 Vale’s environmental initiatives in different regions of Brazil. To open the series, which added more than 10 million views on YouTube, we made this film about an ecological reserve of the size of 23,000 Maracana, in the interior of Espirito Santo.

─ Channel: Fan Hero USA


Videos of world-wide launch of the app of the soccer player Marcelo, from Real Madrid and the Brazilian team. Fan Hero, an American technology company, has hired Maria TV to present the content of this app, behind the scenes, revelations, intimacy and interaction of the player with its millions of fans all over the planet.

─ Channel: Mais Globosat

Brasil visto de cima

This show invites you to see our country from a whole new angle. Images shot from helicopters and drones give us a new viewpoint, angle and reflection on the charms, beauty, uniqueness and contradictions of an enormous country full of surprises. We take you through cities, beaches, rainforests, mountains, the countryside; and streets…

─ Channel: TNT

Mapa do Pop

Mapa do Pop takes you on an incredible ride through the most important cities in the filmmaking industry, giving viewers a tour full of must-see attractions. Created with lovers of entertainment and travel in mind, the show will explore locations all around the world that were used to shoot the biggest film classics.

─ Channel: Mais Globosat

Restaurantes Inesquecíveis

This is a series about travel, delicacies and beauty. Each week features three of the best, most traditional and most unique restaurants in the world. It brings together gastronomy, history and local culture, showing that a great restaurant is not a mere commercial establishment or a fast-food joint, but is the product of a more complex and beautiful process, involving passion, art and pleasure.

─ Channel: Mais Globosat

Mundo Museu

This show invites Brazilians to take a tour through the top museums in the world. Art, history, science, beauty and new discoveries. Each week features one of the most prestigious institutions in the world.

─ Channel: Orlando City

Making History

Film about the history of soccer in the United States, from its first team, the Austin Aztex (Texas), which would move to Florida to become the Orlando City Soccer Club, its purchase by Brazilian Flávio Augusto da Silva and debut in Major League Soccer.

─ Channel: Embratel

Vença sua Olimpíada

Advertising campaign for Embratel, made up of seven commercial films.

─ Channel: Sportv

Expresso do Esporte

Expresso was a hit show on Sportv for nine seasons, and was always one of the channel’s highest rated shows. With a mix of journalism and entertainment, it took Brazilian viewers to places where other cameras would never go. Behind the scenes with the biggest soccer stars in the world.

─ Channel: Souza Cruz

Preço Mínimo

In support of the Minimum Price Law, Souza Cruz joined forces with the most representative companies of the national retail sector to launch a campaign providing information about the risks of violating the new law and, particularly, the benefits of following it.

─ Channel: Vale

Programa Inove

Created in 2008, Inove – Program to Develop Brazilian Valley Suppliers – seeks to develop local suppliers through training, financial solutions and business incentives. The program is set in Brazil and is sponsored by world-class companies, government organizations, financial and educational institutions. The products and incentives are directed towards suppliers from the Brazilian Valley.

─ Channel: Mais Globosat

Templos da Índia

India is the second largest country in the world in terms of population and seventh largest in terms of size. A pluralist, multilingual and multiethnic society, with four important religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. It has over 4,500 years of history and culture that, even today, captivate the entire world. “Templos da Índia” is a documentary series about the most beautiful and exotic religious temples in the country. A project with stunning images, fun facts and a lot of information, aired on the channel +Globosat.

─ Channel: Nike

Joga Bonito

In the months leading up to and during the 2016 World Cup, Nike launched an international campaign, using Brazilian talent to encourage soccer-art. “Joga Bonito” uses internet videos that were viewed hundreds of thousands of times, many of which were produced by Maria TV.

─ Channel: Canal Brasil


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